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i want a tattoo but where do i start?


it can be an overwhelming world to navigate, so we are always here to try and help as much as we can. have a little browse through our website, you might find some useful information in this faq section but if you are still no further forward, by all means, contact us


how do i book an appointment? 


once you have decided on the artist you want to book in with, follow the links directly in their bio to get in touch with them. 


what do i need to include in my enquiry? 


try to include as much relevant information as you can for the artist. such as: 


how much does a tattoo cost? 


as we are a fully custom studio, every tattoo and artist is different. we will try to give you as accurate of a quote as we can during your enquiry but it will always be a broad estimate. 


how can i pay for my tattoo? 


each artist is different so discuss this with them on enquiry if needed. we do not have a card machine at the studio. 


how old do you have to be to get a tattoo? 


under the tattooing of minors act 1969, it is an offence to tattoo a person under the age of 18 in the uk. 


can i use numbing cream? 


no, we never recommend using numbing cream for your tattoo session. Speak with your artist for more information. if you attend your appointment with numbing cream on, without speaking to your artist prior, we reserve the right to refuse to tattoo you and a full compensation fee will be required. 


can i get a tattoo whilst pregnant? 


whilst it is not strictly illegal to get a tattoo  during pregnancy, we strongly recommend against it. Your health, safety and well-being are paramount to us, so as a studio we will not tattoo you if you are pregnant. 


can i get a tattoo with the addition of memorial ashes? 


no, we will never tattoo you with anything other than our tattoo inks. We take your safety seriously and anything we are putting into your skin is of the utmost importance. we will only ever use products in which we have access to all required safety data sheets and certificates of compliance. 


can i bring someone with me for my appointment? 


unless there is special circumstances we kindly ask for you to come to your appointment alone. there is plenty of amenities in the local area if someone needs a place to relax and wait for you whilst you are at your appointment.


is there anything i need to do before my appointment? 


we will send out a welcome pack prior to your appointment which should have everything you need to know. 


what is the aftercare? 


we will send out an aftercare document after your session and your artist will have a discussion with you before you leave the studio too. 

- subject of the tattoo    

- style                                 

- what area of the body  

- a lose idea of size          

- reference photos, these can help sometimes and just be a few examples of other tattoos or art styles that you like. it can give an idea to the artist of what you are envisaging for your own work. 

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